The Red Dawn Poster Is Here, AKA That Time Josh Hutcherson And Chris Hemsworth Starred In A Movie When Neither Was Famous Yet

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Red Dawn remake poster Josh Hutcherson Chris Hemsworth

You know when you develop a crush on someone and you try to think back to the period where you might have interacted with him/her but never actually taken notice since you weren't actually invested at the time? It's like that with actors before they're famous. Circa 2010, when Josh Hutcherson got attention for holding his own in the lesbian parenting dramedy The Kids Are All Right, he got cast in a couple of projects before he would be chosen to play Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games. One of those movies was a remake of the 1984 action movie Red Dawn, about a guerilla group of high school students who fight back against a Soviet invasion and call themselves Wolverines. Except in the new version, it was the Chinese, who then became the North Koreans.

All this you probably haven't heard because the project got shelved in 2010 when MGM had to file for bankruptcy. Still, the completed film boasted several up-and-comers: Aside from J. Hutch, there was Connor Cruise, Adrianne Palicki pre-Wonder Woman disaster, and Josh Peck and Chris Hemsworth as brothers. Yep, this was Chris before Thor made him a household name, when he was instead banking on Red Dawn and The Cabin in the Woods to help him break into Hollywood. Of course, Cabin also got delayed by MGM's financial troubles, instead getting released right before The Avengers earlier this year.

So, now that Open Road Films is distributing the movie, we're finally getting a look at the poster. Of course, it looks kinda awkward since a) the actors seem to be Photoshopped in, and b) Josh and Chris are so damn young! Weird to think, though, that before Josh and Liam Hemsworth squared off for Jennifer Lawrence‘s heart, Josh was working with his older brother. And here's the trailer for an even trippier flashback.

Photo: Open Road Films