This Prank That Josh Hutcherson Pulled On The Catching Fire Set Is Amazing

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Jena Malone and Sam Claflin Catching Fire interview Josh Hutcherson pranks November 2013With the opening of Catching Fire a little over a week away, I'm getting to dangerous levels of excitement and obsession. It's to the point now where I've watched so many interviews that I'm starting to feel like I was actually involved in the filming process. Or wish I was, anyway.

Even when it's a story about Josh Hutcherson pulling a pretty gross prank on Sam Claflin, my FOMO meter is still all tingly, so I have no idea how I'm going to possibly make it until this movie comes out on November 22nd.

The story is that Josh found something that Sam describes as ‘skunk poop', and while I have no idea what that could possibly be other than a distilled version of the feces from a skunk, I'm really hoping I'm wrong. Regardless, Josh got into Sam's trailer somehow and did the most genius thing ever — he sprayed a bunch of toilet paper with the stuff and put it in the garbage can. So when Sam came back, there was a terrible smell, but since he didn't see anything obviously amiss, he couldn't figure it out…and kept accusing people of sneaking into his trailer to take poops. Which is amazing.

I just love it, and not only because it's a genius prank (who would look in the garbage??) — also because it shows that Josh and Jennifer Lawrence were open and welcoming to the new cast members. It would've been easy for them to be clique-y and gross, considering how many times we've witnessed and been told about their awesome chemistry, but instead they welcomed Sam and Jena Malone and everyone else into the fold. The stinky stinky fold.