Josh Hutcherson Isn’t Thrilled That His Hunger Games Fans Call Themselves Peetaphiles

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Last night Josh Hutcherson went on Conan's show to discuss meeting all his The Hunger Games fans in person. It shouldn't be shocking to you that the majority of the fans who approach him are extremely excited and enthusiastic (also known, in non-PR terms as absolutely crazy) about meeting him as well as talking about Peeta Mellark, the character he plays in the movie.

Considering that we now have words like Gleeks, Beliebers, Twihards in our daily vocabulary, it's not surprising Peeta‘s fan base wanted to come up with their own cute nickname. What is surprising is that they went with Peetaphile. In case you're not completely awake, that sounds a lot like pedophile, a word that always has a negative conotation. 100% of the time. Pedophile is never a compliment.

So why then did these fans think it was a good idea to associate their new big celebrity crush with pedophiles. Unless it's all some big campaign to get him a guest role on Law & Order: SVU, I can't figure it out. Until they come up with a better name, they should probably just stick with “Peeta's biggest fans.” It's not as creative, but it's also not as creepy.