Josh Hutcherson Promises That There Will Be Even More Peeta To Love In Catching Fire

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Just in case you're worried that you won't be crushing as hard on Peeta Mellark in Catching Fire, Josh Hutcherson assures that he's working hard to be even buffer for The Hunger Games sequel.

He tells our friend of a friend of a friend at USA Today  that, “I'm getting in even better shape this time around.” You know, because Peeta's been living in the lap of luxury since he returned to District 12 as a hero. It's all protein shakes and raw egg smoothies for this victor.

While I'm sure he's not going to show up to production next month looking like the Hulk Hogan of 2012, I do think we can expect to get more of an Olympian gymnast vibe from him. And by that I mean that I hope he's going to show off his new muscular physique by walking around the set in a leotard.

A girl can dream. A baker can bake. An archer can arch. (That's just a little motivational motto I'm developing. Waiting to hear feedback from Jennifer Lawrence before I continue.)

Although we're excited to hear that production's finally getting started on this film, we're already anxious to just see it in theaters. After months of hearing casting rumors about every new tribute, especially Finnick Odair, it seems like we've been talking about this movie forever.

Almost as long as we've been talking about Fifty Shades of Grey

Let's just get these movies made. Okay, Hollywood?

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