This GIF Proves That Liam Hemsworth And Josh Hutcherson Are In A Hot And Heavy Bromance

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I've spent so many sleepless nights trying to uncover irrefutable proof that Catching Fire stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson are bromancing it up. And finally, thanks to the magicians on Tumblr, I have it! Here's a fantastic GIF of Liam Hemsworth surprise-hug-attacking Josh Hutcherson as they left the stage last week(ish) at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. A surprise-attack-hug is better than a real hug for incredibly obvious reasons. The most obvious being that it replicates the feeling of being hugged by a ninja. I think that's all something we desire at certain points in our life — a quality ninja hug. It's quick, it's shocking, it's spontaneous and it's slightly dangerous.

Please also note that on stage right (left?), we see Jennifer Lawrence running away from them. As fantastic as she is, the bromance is just too much for her to take. The heat is too hot and she must get out of the kitchen. Other things I love about this GIF? The fact that Liam's a full puberty bigger than Josh — and that Jen falls somewhere in the middle of them. And yeah guys, “a puberty” is a valid form of measurement.

While I'm fully aware that they're just another movie cast shooting a movie, I'm also fully aware that the crazy-stalker side of my brain wants them all to be real life best friends. As you may or may not know, I suffer from a bad case of being unable to separate fiction from reality, actors from the characters that they play. This GIF does not help the functional-rational side of my brain accept that they're not really starving urchins who are forced to fight to the death. Especially considering that this GIF comes to us just mere weeks after  where Josh Hutcherson admitted that he had feelings for J.Law when they made out in the movie. At this point, it's just easier for me to picture them all living fulltime in one big treehouse together a la Now & Then.

(GIF: Tumblr)