Josh Hutcherson’s Adorable Appearance on Jimmy Fallon Will Melt Your Icy Heart

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Josh Hutcherson kitty gif

Before Hunger Games fans freak out and attack me in a mob, let me just say that I never actively disliked Josh Hutcherson. I just didn't really understand his appeal. He seemed kind of blah to me, probably because I always see him alongside hilarious show-stealer Jennifer Lawrence. But after his adorable appearance on Late Night, I get it. Josh Hutcherson is maybe cuter than puppies, and when you throw Jimmy Fallon into that equation, it's almost too much to handle.

First, Josh admitted that as a kid, he wanted to be Justin Timberlake (who happens to be Jimmy Fallon's BFF, let's not forget). So much so that he frosted his tips. That's not exactly embarrassing, seeing as JT grew out of that awkward 90s phase so beautifully. What is embarrassing is that Josh also admits he really loved LFO. What's that? You don't remember LFO? Please allow me to remind you.

Josh even performed onstage with them. At the time, that probably made him the coolest kid in school. Now, it's a semi-humiliating piece of 90s nostalgia. And I love people who aren't afraid to embarrass themselves.

Because Jimmy Fallon loves us (what? no? he doesn't know who I am?), he has picture evidence of Josh's frosted tips. As the internet loves to say, pics or it didn't happen. And oh, it happened.

We also learned that Josh has some impressive basketball-spinning talents. This is a nice reminder that The Hunger Games is made up and actors aren't just like their characters. Josh is so much more coordinated than Peeta! Also, he and Jimmy Fallon accidentally make some very similar silly voices in this clip, which is, again, adorable.

Last but not least, Jimmy challenged Josh to a three point shoot off using Thanksgiving objects, including a very fake turkey and a pumpkin pie. Can I just say that I would love to have Jimmy Fallon's job? Cracking jokes, hanging out with celebs, and making huge messes. A girl can only dream.

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