How Dare Jay Leno Embarrass Josh Hutcherson On TV!

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Last night Josh Hutcherson graced Jay Leno with his presence on his show, only to be humiliated by the man in front of a studio audience. It's as if Jay Leno doesn't understand that Josh Hutcherson, known in my heart forever and ever as Peeta Mellark, is doing the man a favor by sitting that close to him.

The Hunger Games is the biggest movie in the country right now and people are going to the theaters to see it again and again. The mania's gotten so out of control that people are actually naming their children after dead tributes. (No seriously, Rue and Cato are two of 2012's most popular baby names.) Who's watching Jay Leno again and again? People who fought in World War Two who want to fall asleep to something non-controversial. Let's look at the reality of the situation here.

So why then did Jay Leno make Josh Hutcherson retell his story about throwing out a disastrous first pitch for the Cincinnati Reds — and then play the video in front of everyone.

Poor Josh-y (is it too soon for the “-y”, I hope not) turns away he's so humiliated. I cowered right along with him while I watched, not only because I felt for him, but also because I was sure Katniss would show up any second with her bow and arrow to seek vengeance.

No such luck, this time. But seriously Jay Leno, have some respect for the people more well-liked than you.