We’d Watch Anything With Josh Hutcherson, But The Epic Trailer Actually Looks Great!

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Josh Hutcherson Good Morning America Epic trailerThe great thing about the Hunger Games stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson is that they were quietly working on so many projects back before their fame skyrocketed, that even though we have to wait til Thanksgiving 2013 for Catching Fire, we still get plenty of opportunities to see them on the big screen before then. Case in point, Josh recently joined the animated film Epic, and now the first trailer is out.

Josh introduced the trailer on Good Morning America this morning; unfortunately, I can't embed it, so you'll have to check it out on the GMA site. We're such big Josh fans that honestly, we'd sit through childish fare like Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. But it's heartening to see that Epic actually looks like a thrilling animated movie! We're seriously vibing the Millennial classic Fern Gully with this story of a human girl (Amanda Seyfried) who stumbles into a forest world populated with tiny creatures waging their own wars against one another.

According to Deadline, Beyoncé provides the voice of Queen Tara, Josh is a character called Nod, Johnny Knoxville plays Mandrake, and Colin Farrell is Ronin. (Unfortunately, since there doesn't seem to be an IMDb page, I can't tell you who's who. But check out the trailer and you'll see that there's definitely a hierarchy of what seem to be soldiers versus civilians, and I guess some sort of fairy royal family.) Despite a bit where a talking snail calls one of the characters “dude,” the stirring score and soaring visuals have me crossing my fingers that this CGI film is more elegant than its predecessors. Meaning, even though Pitbull has a speaking role, please don't let him also contribute to the soundtrack.

Epic comes to theaters May 24, 2013, which will give us a nice Josh fix before he returns as Peeta Mellark in Catching Fire that November.

Photo: somnambulance on Tumblr