Josh Hutcherson In Talks To Star In Paradise Lost, Viva La Drug Themes

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Josh Hutcherson In Talks To Star In Paradise Lost  Viva La Drug Themes Josh Hutcherson Catching Fire Hunger Games Paradise Lost drugs cocaine Panama Pablo Escobar jpgIt’s that time of year again when all the up-and-coming actors from young adult movies start picking up grittier roles in the hopes of being taken seriously. Kristen Stewart got nakey in On The Road, Zac Efron got peed on in The Paperboy, and Emma Watson used an American accent in Perks Of Being A Wallflower. And now it’s Josh Hutcherson‘s turn to branch away from the endearing bread and murder themes of Peeta Mellark and The Hunger Games, and get knee-deep into some drugs.

Josh is currently in negotiations to star in Paradise Lost, a new true-life drama about the drug lord Pablo Escobar. It was written by Andrea di Stefano from Life Of Pi, and Benicio del Toro has already been cast. Hutcherson would play Nick, the main character, an Irish surfer visiting his brother in Colombia who meets the love of his life…except as it turns out, her uncle Pablo happens to be running kind of a lot of drugs. Verrrrrry nice, Josh. I see what you’re doing and I respect it. You’re transitioning from being the hapless naive character in a young adult movie to being the hapless naive character in a movie about drug-running. You get to fall in love in both movies, but the billowing gusts of cocaine in Paradise Lost are gonna fall on you like a gentle snow of legitimacy so that you’re taken more seriously by movie audiences without ever having to snort any of said cocaine up your adorable young adult nose. It’s actually quite clever. Whoever you have working for you, J-Hutch, it’s time to give them a healthy raise and ad pat on the back.

Josh is available to take the job because he just finished filming Catching Fire, the second installment of the Hunger Games series. Paradise Lost would begin filming in Panama in March of 2013.

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