Josh Hutcherson Confuses Himself With A Badass, Almost Kills Himself In The Process

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Josh Hutcherson shirtless GIF

Josh Hutcherson's many things — an actor, a gentleman, a philanthropist, a nugget, someone I want to carry around in my pocket — but badass isn't one of them. Which is why I'm so confused about what happened this weekend. While riding his motorcycle in Hollywood, he cut off an SUV and nearly caused an accident. And even though he obviously looked adorable as he played Angel of Death, it's still scary to think that he could've killed himself and/or many other people. The fact that he looks like he stepped out of a Gap ad campaign be damned.

According to the always reputable Daily Mail, “the pint-sized star was lucky enough to get away with one driving infraction.” First of all, no one calls him pint-sized except for me. Second of all, this driving infraction doesn't bode well for him. Because we all know what follows reckless driving stunts: dancing on tables at the Chateau Marmont, drunk dialing d-list stars, sober twerking,  revenge cleavage, appearances on Dr. Phil,,  sleeping with prostitutes, “accidental” nip slips, Twitter fights with Jimmy Kimmel, physical fights with the paparazzi, rehabilitation interviews with Oprah and finally, a love child with Michael Lohan.

So yes, this is much more than a minor driving infraction. It's the first step down a slippery slope that ends in a halfway house full of nice boys who also believed themselves to be badasses. Do you think Alec Baldwin woke up one day and just decided he was God? No, he slowly transformed from human to monster over the course of several years. There was a time in his life when cutting someone off in traffic seemed daring. Now it just seems mundane, routine, the way one drives when one wants to get somewhere.

However before you write Josh off as the Shia LeBeouf of Dystopia, remember that it's still early in the downfall game. There's still time for him to pull himself together and remember why we all love him so much. And that's for his goodness and not his badassness. Josh, we're praying for you.

(GIF: Tumblr)