Josh Hutcherson Obviously Left His Heart In The Hunger Games Arena, Because He Bought A ‘Tree House’ In Hollywood

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Josh Hutcherson buys The Tree House Hunger Games arena cave Heath LedgerUsually when we hear that a 19-year-old star has bought his/her own Hollywood home, we flash to Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears making unwise real estate decisions. But when it's Josh Hutcherson who's becoming a homeowner, it's perfectly logical. He's rolling in it with the box office success of The Hunger Games — not to mention the next two films coming up — and anyway, he's been paying his dues in Hollywood since he was a kid.

But he didn't buy just any house: According to The Real Estalker, there are several interesting details about the $2.5 million home that Josh snatched up. For one, it's called “The Tree House,” because it's perched inside a sycamore grove atop Laurel Canyon. Of course our minds immediately went to The Hunger Games and Katniss Everdeen's trick of tying herself into the trees at night to escape the other tributes in the Arena. I wonder if Josh ever took that into account when he was looking at this place?

Josh Hutcherson buys Tree House Hunger Games cave Heath Ledger

As you can see, the trees cradle nearly every room, from the barbecue pit on the deck to the private screening room. The interior feels a bit like the Cullens' mansion in the Twilight movies, if it had the color scheme of Panem's Capitol. A key detail for Hunger Games fans is that one of the two bathrooms has its own bench and two huge panels of glass… meaning that if you can conjure up Katniss' tree-climbing skills, you might get to glimpse Josh during showertime.

Josh Hutcherson buys Tree House The Hunger Games cave Heath Ledger

Of course, the likelier reason why Josh chose to buy “The Tree House” is because of its varied history of celebrity residents. This property gets flipped every few years: Ellen DeGeneres acquired the house in 2004 and, after giving it a zen makeover, sold it in 2005. The next guy, a poster designer, passed the house along to Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams in 2006; it wasn't until after his death in 2008 that the house got a new owner.

Josh Hutcherson buys Tree House The Hunger Games cave Heath Ledger

And for one more bit of real estate nostalgia, check out Josh's episode of Cribs from 2009. His Kentucky home is lovely, especially with cute touches like the “nap room” where he and his cat snuggle, but it's obvious that he's made a major upgrade.

Before he inevitably flips The Tree House, I have just one request for Josh: Build in a cave!

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