Another Duggar Baby Has Arrived, Joins Rest Of Family In Plans Of Total World Domination

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Josh and Anna Duggar New Baby June 2 2013

Relax, relax, I know what you're thinking.  But the answer is no, this isn't baby number 20 for Michelle Duggar and her cornicopia-esque womb.  No, we would have heard about that on the Today show and in a 60-minute TLC special a few months ago if that were the case.  The newest little Duggar nugget (Dugget? Nuggar?) comes from the loins of Josh and Anna Duggar, who have seemingly adopted the Duggar school of baby-naming: Marcus Anthony Duggar is now the third “grand-Duggar” (barf) to have the “M” initial after the most anti-climactic pregnancy ever.

Is it weird that I have spent actual time and precious life moments wondering about the reasoning behind the Duggars' obsession with one letter?  I mean, there are 26 to choose from!  Why limit yourself and your dozens of children to just one?  My theory is that the “J” names have something to do with the “J” in Jesus and the “M” names have something to do with the “M” in “Mary.”  Annnnd that's about as deep/philosophical/religious as I hope to get about the Duggars, on Crushable or in real life.  It's also quite possible that this initial thing is part of their plan to seek complete world domination and someday we'll all be known by “J” of “M” monikers.  Or at least be tied down and forced to get perms.

“We are so thankful that mom and baby are well! We are blessed to have our family close as we celebrate this gift from God,” the couple told People Friday.

Josh and Anna already have a 3 year old, Mackynzie (even the spelling of that name seems Arkansian to me–no offense.  Just kidding, it's totally offensive. ) and a 2 year old, Michael.  That's a lot of babies in not a lot of time… I feel my uterus recoiling as I type.  Don't get me wrong, I think kids can be great and someday I hope to reproduce one, but I am way too easily overwhelmed by minute tasks in life to ever consider having children on top of each other like that.  I give a lot of credit to the moms and dads who can do that without having a nervous breakdown.  The Duggars are a family I personally find to be narrow-minded and misogynistic (and more than a little creepy), but congrats to them nonetheless.

And in case this post isn't enough to quench your Duggar thirst, there will of course be a TLC special entitled (what else?) GrandDuggar Makes 3! on TLC June 16th.

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