This Joseph Gordon-Levitt Home Video Will Make You Want To Hug Him Hard

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Joseph Gordon Levitt Video

So Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently posted the most adorable celebratory video on his tumblr that I've ever seen in the history of celebs posting celebratory videos on their tumblrs. I'm telling you right here and right now that it will make your entire morning. Maybe even your afternoon! Dare I say it, you might still be dancing on air later tonight.

After premiering his movie Don Jon Addiction at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Relativity Media bought it with the intention of opening on 2000 screens this summer. While I don't fully understand all this money lingo (I'm such a starving artist!), the deal involves a total of 29 million dollars being spent.  Since JoGoLe wrote, directed and starred in this comedy, he's incredibly excited about this happening. So excited in fact that he took to his tumblr and posted a video talking about how happy he is to hear this news.  While the majority of celebrities wouldn't be able to pull this off without coming off as extremely cocky and horribly condescending and “aren't I cool for making myself a tumberlery thing?”, he manages to do it perfectly. JUST PERFECTLY.

In the history of the entire world, I've never wanted to reach through my computer screen and hug a celebrity more. (With the obvious exception of Shadow from Homeward Bound in the final scene. That dog needed a hug, also immediate veterinarian care.) He comes off as so genuinely pleased with his work that I can't help but squee with delight. And I assure you, I'm not a squeer! I will go on the record now and say I've never even used that word non-ironically before today. So enjoy this video, then enjoy spending the rest of your day trying to explore your new attraction to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.