Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Too Cool To Star In The Little Shop Of Horrors Remake?

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Little Shop of Horrors Seymour too coolHere's a remake we can get behind! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently “developing” a remake of Little Shop of Horrors, to be produced by Mark Platt (Wicked) and written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (he took over for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark when it floundered), with JGL himself intended to star unless his time commitment were to change. I've got my fingers crossed that the Little Shop they'll be remaking is the 1986 movie musical; it's been enough time that we can see a fresh take on the material without feeling like the original is being gutted. The darkly funny story of celebrity and sacrifice would resonate even more in 2012—and just imagine Joseph singing!

No, really, let's ponder this for a second. I'm a bit ambivalent about Joseph starring in the movie, not because I think he would do a bad job — the opposite, really — but I wonder if he'd be able to convincingly pull off a nebbish pushover. Joseph certainly started his career playing nerdy underdogs in films like 10 Things I Hate About You, but even once he played the sympathetic and awkward hero of 500 Days of Summer, there were already glimmers of the cool guy he'd become in his collaborations with Christopher Nolan on Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.

In no way is this a piece hating on JGL! In fact, the moment I heard he might be starring, I was immediately consumed with images of him dressed in tight pants, a plaid shirt, and big black-framed glasses as Seymour Krelborn. I'm just curious if anyone else would have a disconnect now that Joseph's gotten more acclaim for traditional leading-man roles. Because part of what made Rick Moranis so fantastic in 1986 was his utter helplessness at the start of the film and how he slowly grew a spine. Would that same journey work if the hero already has a spine? (Start the video at 2:30 for Seymour absolutely killing it.)

Also, I love The Mary Sue's suggestion that Kristen Bell play Audrey. Done.

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