Joseph Gordon-Levitt Lip Syncing To A Nicki Minaj Song Is The Definition Of Adorable

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Joseph Gordon Levitt lip sync Jimmy Fallon 2013


We've been saying Ellen DeGeneres is some kind of interview svengali who can convince her guests to talk about anything from who they've dated to what's going on “down there” and who also guilts people into taking their shirts off for charity. But we can't forget that Jimmy Fallon is also pretty adept at coaxing entertaining moments out of celebrities. He's basically adopted Justin Timberlake as his permanent sidekick, and he continues to come up with fun games to play with his famous guests. The kinds of games that really highlight how lovable they are. The perfect example of this is last night's lip sync-off with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephen Merchant.

Jimmy's played this game before. Remember when he did it with John Krasinski and we were all simultaneously reminded of how in love we were with Jim Halpert back in the day? In this case, the competition just highlighted how absolutely positively adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt is. He starts the competition with an old standby, Elton John's “Tiny Dancer,” and by the time he was finished I was like, “Hold me closer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt!” But when I saw him perform his second song choice, Nicki Minaj's “Super Bass” (viewable at eight minutes in) my eyes immediately turned into bulging pink hearts and I levitated off the ground with glitter trailing below my feet. Who knew seeing a man dance around with Nicki Minaj's voice appearing to come out of his mouth would make me so smitten. Do I need to see a therapist about this? Nah, I'm not gonna overthink it.

It's also worth mentioning that Stephen Merchant is particularly cute in this video. His “Single Ladies” dance is enough to make me want to put a ring on it. Oh, and of course Jimmy is also great. But that's pretty much a given at this point.