Jordin Sparks And Justin Bieber Attempt A “No Air” Duet

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On December 10th, Jordin Sparks was set to perform “No Air” at the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball in Boston. However, for obvious reasons Chris Brown was not invited to the show. The problem is that “No Air” is a fantastic duet but doesn’t carry over well as a solo song.

In order to fill in the part normally done by Chris Brown, they got Canadian singer Justin Bieber to attempt the duet with Jordin. And I use the word “attempt” for good reason. With all due respect, it just didn’t work.

To be fair it wasn’t just Justin; Jordin was pitchy as well on several occasions, but Justin just really can’t keep up with Jordin’s vocals. On top of that, it doesn’t seem like they got much rehearsal time in before the show because Justin and Jordin seem to be out of sync and sound like it was their first time ever singing together.

I will be honest; I couldn’t even listen to the entire clip. By the end of the first chorus I was done and that was being generous. Poor Jordin deserves better than that performance, what do you think?