Remain Calm, But I Don’t Think Jonathan Taylor Thomas Has Aged In The Past 15 Years

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Last Man Standing Episode

I don't want to make anyone panic or cause a stampede, but Jonathan Taylor Thomas hasn't aged in the approximately 15 years since he left Home Improvement. That's right. That boy that used to drive your babysitter wild still looks like he needs a babysitter himself. Okay, finethat's an exaggeration. But after seeing the 31-year-old guest star in this clip from Tim Allen's Last Man Standing, I'm pretty sure something's going on.

But before we dive into that, let me clear something up. I do not watch Last Man Standing. I've never seen one episode of Last Man Standing. I actually abhor the concept of even celebrating the last man standing.(But that goes back to my dodgeball days where I would somehow end up being the last man standing because no one thought me a target worthy enough of taking out. Do you know what it's like to stare 40 7th grade boys in the face as they prepare to pelt you with balls? Horrifying.) So don't for one second think I endorse this show in any way. At all.

I just stumbled upon the JTT news when reading People today. Turns out the show's doing some kind of big inside joke episode where JTT comes to the show and Tim's all like “you look familiar!” and the studio audience laughs, because, get it? They know each other from Home Improvement!

So I clicked on the clip, because why not. I do remember laughing aloud at the 1995 stepfather PSA Man of the House. Gosh, wasn't JTT a rambunctious little shit in that movie! Upon clicking I realized that he hasn't aged at all. Maybe that's a side effect of getting out of the spotlight for a few years. Or maybe it's the benefit of being featured on the cover of every single teen magazine between the years of 1990 to 1999. I don't know, but he looks great. In that classic Benjamin Button kinda way.

JTT Home Improvement Years

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