Happy Birthday, Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Here Are 6 More Things I Miss From The 90s

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Happy 31st (agh!) birthday to Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the most hottest thing to grace my childhood imagination. Seriously, I don't think anyone will ever be as hot as I thought the guys I crushed on in middle school were. They were these cute, talented, adorable, teenage guys, and I was like…nine years old and hopelessly in love. But the thing about having crushes back then is that they didn't feel hopeless. It felt like somehow all the circumstances would align correctly and you and your identical twin sister could run into JTT and his (only slightly less attractive) brigade of hot friends, and they'd casually invite you to ride Vespas in Italy for a spontaneous, romantic weekend. It doesn't matter that I didn't have an identical twin sister — I always fancied myself a lost Olsen twin, and I knew that Mary-Kate and Ashley would come back for me eventually.

The point is, it was a simpler time, when a non-famous 9-year old could go to sleep in her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas, under a poster of Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Devon Sawa and dream of their perfect perfect lives together. This was the 90s, when we were just learning that food was more fun in bright colors and squeezed out of packets. It was a time of Lunchables and Saturday morning cartoons, and dressing up as Power Rangers for Halloween, and if you really think back on it, you'll realize you miss it more than  you know.

So, in honor of my dear old flame JTT on his birthday, here are six more things that I miss from that most precious era of my childhood — the 1990s.

(Image: Jennifer Fabulous)