In Honor Of JTT’s Birthday, We Give You 10 More ’90s Hotties We Completely Forgot About

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JTT with a cat


Ready to feel old? Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the adorable kid from Home Improvement, I’ll Be Home For Christmas and The Wild Thornberrys (really?) turns 32 years old today! Fun fact: he was also the voice of young Simba in The Lion King. Even though he’s still 5’ 5 and even though he looks like he did way back when, I totally forgot about him. So in honor of an equally unmemorable birthday year, let’s look back at our other favorite forgotten heartthrobs of the '90s

Andrew Keegan – 34 Years Old

Out of all 90's heartthrobs, I thought Andrew Keegan was in it for the long haul. We loved him whether he was good (7th Heaven) or bad (10 Things I Hate About You). But aside from a few guest roles in shows like CSI,  we haven’t seen him on our screens in a long time. Surprisingly he's continued acting since the '90s and his most recent role was in a movie called April Rain that came out this past July. What's that? You don't remember this movie coming out? Yeah, neither do we.

Jeff Timmons – 40 Years Old

I know the Lachey brothers got the most attention because, well, they were brothers, plus Nick married and divorced Jessica Simpson, but I always thought Jeff was the real cutie of the bunch. Too bad 98 Degrees was one of the lamest boy bands of all time and he didn’t have anything else going for him. He tried a solo album, and later did a reality show on VH1 called Mission: Man Band with fellow boy band rejects Chris Kirkpatrick, Rich Cronin and Bryan Abrams. Since he found no success with any of those other ventures, he's now a Chippendales dancer. Upgrade?

Devon Sawa – 35 Years Old

Devon played birthday boy JTT’s older brother in Wild America, and he happened to celebrate his birthday yesterday! Now I was certain that he never did anything else again, but alas his IMDB has revealed that he’s made a few movies, including the original Final Destination. Another major shocker: Devon has been on the CW show Nikita for the past 4 years. I suspect he doesn’t do anything significant, though, since he is rarely mentioned in spoiler chats.

Erik Von Detten – 30 Years Old

Erik Von Detten was every '90s girl dream California bro. He skated through our hearts in Brink! and quickly proceeded to stomp all over them in The Princess Diaries. After the year 2000, he starred in several short-lived sitcoms (Complete Savages, Dinotopia), always playing the clueless guy. His pretty face made sure that he was always doing something. Most recently he reprised his role of the voice of Sid in Toy Story 3. For those of you who don’t remember, Sid was the young sociopath that f-ed up all his toys.

Will Friedle – 37 Years Old

Largest credit to his name: creating the now infamous “Feeeeeeeeeeeny!” line on Boy Meets World as Corey’s older brother Eric. Now, I know you’re thinking of how awkward and weird Eric was at the end of the series, but when the show started he was being sold as the cute and charming brother. Also, Disney gave him verified heartthrob status by letting him play the lead in their romantic TV movie My Date with the President’s Daughter. Now although we may have forgotten him, Hollywood certainly hasn’t. He’s been doing steady voiceover work for multiple animated series (Kim Possible, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Mad) since Boy Meets World ended, and hopefully we’ll see him play Eric again in the spinoff series, Girl Meets World.

Matthew Lawrence – 33 Years Old

Out of the three Lawrence brothers, who all melted our hearts in Brotherly Love, the youngest one is easily most forgettable. So forgettable that I had to Google his name just now (Andrew). But, Matthew is WAY cuter, and we forgot him too. Like our previous entry Will Friedle, Matthew was on Boy Meets World, playing Shawn’s half brother Jack. After the show ended, he starred in the movie The Hot Chick and has had random guest roles on TV shows, but later decided to go to college at University of Southern California. A recent notable role? Guest-starring on brother Joey‘s Melissa and Joey as Joey's younger brother. What a stretch.

Jason David Frank – 40 Years Old

A three-namer, just like Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I’m sure as you read his name, you said, “Who?” This was Tommy, the Green Ranger from the OG Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! Remember, we all wanted him to be with Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, and totally cast aside her previous relationship with the Red Ranger, whoever HE was. Well, apparently this is the only role Jason is good at playing since 90% of his credits post Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers involve starring in every single Power Rangers spin-off ever. They were at least nice enough to allow his character to grow up and become a doctor, while remaining a Power Ranger on the side. Way to go, bud.

David Gallagher- 28 Years Old

I think 7th Heaven aired onscreen for more than half of my life (I kid, but it feels that way). While taking over our world and reminding us that there were people with morals, we watched little David Gallagher’s character Simon Camden  grow up, pierce his ear, and date Ashlee Simpson. Yet another '90s beau who we see guest starring in a bazillion shows (The Vampire Diaries, CSI, CSI:NY, and Criminal Minds), but never striking gold again.

David Lascher – 41 Years Old

First of all, 41?! What? David Lascher was seriously one of the cutest '90s heartthrobs, but alas another who peaked early. He started out on Nickelodeon’s Hey Dude! and found success on shows like Blossom, Clueless (the spin-off series based on the movie), and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. What we’ll never understand is why Sabrina picked dopey Harvey over his character Josh, and why he never appeared on our television again, with the exception of a TV movie called Always and Forever.

Scott Weinger – 37 Years Old

And now, for arguably the most forgotten of them all, that guy who played DJ Tanner’s boyfriend on Full House! Minds blown, right? So he wasn’t a One Direction magnitude heartthrob, but y’all know you had a crush on him too. But now who even thinks about him? I bet Candace Cameron Bure doesn’t. The only cool thing about this guy is that he’s the voice of Aladdin. After Full House ended, he reprised the voice of Aladdin in a variety of sequels, spin-off series and video games. I guess that pays the bills, but doesn't remind us who he is.

BONUS OPTION TO CELEBRATE JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS’ BIRTHDAY: Create a drinking game by taking all the guys who made this list and play “6 Degrees of Melissa Joan Hart.” However many degrees is how much you drink. This birthday may become the greatest national holiday ever.