If You’re Wondering Where Jonathan Lipnicki Went, He Was Making A Hilarious Video About Former Child Stars

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Jonathan Lipnicki waving

Everybody remembers Jonathan Lipnicki, right? He was the precocious bespectacled child who talked to Tom Cruise about the weight of the human head in Jerry McGuire. And then he starred in a few adorable family movies before falling off the radar a little bit, as often happens to popular child stars. But now at 23 he's captured our attention again by making a hilarious short movie all about — what else? — what it's like to be a former child star. It's titled “You Used To Be Cute.” Told you it was funny.

The idea of the short is that Jonathan is trying out for a very dramatic new role, and the people he's auditioning for make certain assumptions about his personal life based on the fact that he used to act as a child. Because it's a widely known fact that every former child star ends up with a drug addiction and a criminal record, and they're always willing to recite famous lines from their early movies on command. Oh wait, they're not? That's just a ridiculous stereotype based on people like Lindsay Lohan? Some child stars actually turn out healthy and well-adjusted and drug-free? Wow, you learn something new every day.

Turns out Jonathan's experience as a former child star isn't unique to just him. Mara Wilson, aka the star of all your favorite '90s movies, tweeted her support of the video and expressed how much she could relate to it.

Now that you know Mara approves, go forth and enjoy. And by the way, Jonathan, you didn't just used to be cute. You still are. And also funny.

(GIF: Tumblr)