Jonathan Jackson Speaks Out About His GH Return

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Understandably, many reacted not so positively about the firing of Greg Vaughan on General Hospital as Lucky Spencer to make room for Jonathan Jackson’s return. The latter was the original actor who played the character. I was in the middle about the whole thing.

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I love Greg Vaughan and I think he did a great job portraying the role. But I also know what a wonderful actor Jonathan Jackson is it was kind of a bitter sweet situation. I was sad that Greg left but I was curious as to how Jonathan will portray the famous role he left behind. I am watching the show intently these past few weeks because I’m trying to understand the direction the show is going which is a reason why they brought Jonathan back. Well that and James Franco is in the house.

I think the major thing here is the Luke and Lucky story. I feel something big coming on between the Father and Son. With Luke’s participation in Sonny’s troubles, wherein Lucky has somehow gained a newfound confidence in being a Cop, I sense something huge. Luke with the Mob, Lucky the Cop. Do you see what I see? Then add the dynamic of the Lucky, Liz and Nikolas love triangle, it’s one explosive storyline in itself. A possible Emmy win for Jonathan is not that far in the horizon.

Anyhooo, Jonathan spoke up about his return to Soap Central recently :

Plot twists don’t happen only in the soaps. In a real-life plot twist, three-time Emmy award winning actor Jonathan Jackson has returned to General Hospital to reprise the role of Lucky which he created over 16 years ago. "I wasn’t thinking about [returning] at all actually. It sort of came out of the blue for me," shares Jackson.

"ABC contacted my agent and said that the role of Lucky was opening up again and asked if I’d be interested in coming back…So it just came out of the blue. I didn’t think that the possibility would be there in terms of coming back as Lucky."

Despite a decade away, Jackson has stepped right back in to the heart of the character. "I feel like the foundation of who Lucky is [remains] the same, in the sense that he’s Luke and Laura’s son. So there’s some strong attributes from his dad and from his mom that he carries with him. And, there’s ten years of history added on to things, but for me, the heart and soul is pretty much the same. So, it’s been very smooth to come back into the character." (SOURCE)


As much as I was sad that Greg left, I’m really intrigued with Lucky Spencer’s confidence lately. Now he’s got that arrogance and sure of himself kind of aura. You could almost believe that perhaps, Port Charled PD will finally nail Sonny and his Mob. Between Lucky and Dominic who happens to be Sonny’s son is an undercover Cop trying to get Sonny. So there’s a lot of meaty possibilities with this storyline. Let’s see if GH could pass with flying colors once everything is laid out in the open.

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