Jonathan Groff And Zachary Quinto Might Be My New Favorite Celebrity Couple

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Sorry Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, there's a new cute couple in town and they're beating you out for absolutely adorable candid photos. Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff  aren't so much a new couple as they are new to the paparazzi scene. Over the past few days more and more photos of the two strolling around New York City have popped up on the Internet Superhighway, causing me to do some serious deliberating about my list of couples I'd most like to like to live with when my current lease is up.

Obviously Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield top my list. Closely followed by the Afflecks and the entire cast of Sister Act. But seeing all these lovey-dovey normal couple photos of Jon and Zach (as they're known now on my dream board), definitely made me rethink my favorite couple thoughts. Sure these photos border on absolute  psycho stalker camera zoom levels, but they give us insight into this couple that we've never really had before.

They just look so normal. Just a couple on the way to brunch. Or a couple on the way to lunch. I don't want to just assume they're brunch people. Even though studies show that 90% of Manhattan residents are in fact brunch people. And 75% of those people make 3+ adjustments to their order.  AND 23% of those people complain when the restaurant charges them extra for asking the restaurant to bring in an organic chicken to lay an organic egg right in front of their face.

I guess I'm just saying that I would join the two of them for a meal. After looking at this photo right here, how could I not want to spend a lazy Sunday just watching them watch each other.