Jonathan Groff Has The Luxury Of Not Caring About His Nude Photos Getting Leaked

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Jonathan Groff‘s reaction to nude photos getting leaked is drastically different than the female celebrities who've been in the same situation: When asked about it by New York Magazine last week, the Glee and Broadway star thanked them for their concern but laughed off any anxiety, saying, “[T]he thing about the nudity… that [director Jeff Lipsky] was trying to capture in our movie was the reality of it, and not trying to hide it or cut away when people would normally be naked, so, I don't know, it's just a movie I did!”

Jonathan's got two things going for him here. One is that his nudity came from a more respectable outlet—that is, the indie movie Twelve Thirty instead of snapped in a hotel room or home bathroom. According to Jeff Lipsky, the movie is a modern-day homage to The Graduate that features one guy becoming romantically and sexually involved with two women and their mother. Jonathan's two nude scenes (as rumored) seem too few for a movie like this. But regardless, it's an indie that decided to really pack a punch. He did it for his art, you got that? [tagbox tag= “nude photos”]

Obviously Jonathan's nonchalance has spread to everyone else, since the photos got leaked a year after he shot the thing. In the case of starlets getting their nude photos leaked, it was usually just a few months from when they were snapped (which helps us in guessing who they were intended for).

And therein lies the (other) rub: Jonathan is not a nubile female starlet. I have to believe that there's a double standard at play here, that we shame female celebrities for stupidly indulging in naked photos, but applaud a young actor like Jonathan for the “daring” risk of going full-frontal on-camera. It's who's behind the camera that directs whether the ensuing photos are shameful or beautiful.

You know the only other celeb in recent memory who doesn't give a shit about nude photos getting leaked? Anthony Bourdain. It's a man's world.