Jonas Brothers With Stevie Wonder At The 2009 Grammy Awards

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While doing the 2009 Grammy Awards Live Recap last night, I was also twittering (add Pop Music Scene Twitter) some of my observations. One of them was ""C’mon Stevie", JoBros and Stevie Wonder performing at the Grammy’s. How the hell did they get that gig? Lucky Kids". I know it was the Grammy’s and great collaborations happen but I just found it cute how Joe Jonas kept telling Stevie Wonder, "C’mon Stevie" :). The performance was very energetic. Nick had a little stumble at one point with his words but he bounced back and rocked the house. Stevie and JoBros performed "Burnin’ Up" and "Superstitious".


Jonas Brothers lost the Best New Artist award to Adele who informed everyone how much she likes the guys in her acceptance speech. The Jonas Brothers lost but hey, they performed with Stevie Wonder, at the Grammy’s no less. That in itself was a great experience for them.