The Jonas Brothers Release Post-Breakup Songs To Make Sure You Haven’t Forgotten Them

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Kevin Jonas crying

Do you hear that? It's the sad sound of some former teen idols desperately crying for relevance.

Let's recap. Just a few weeks ago, the Jonas Brothers announced that they were breaking up. It all happened very quickly. The bros had a new album coming out and a tour coming up, and they cancelled all that out of the blue. This was surprising, because the JoBros are only famous because they are brothers in a band. It was also strange because usually even the bands that really hate each other wait until after scheduled tours to break up. Because, you know, ticket sales and fans and contracts that are really hard to break. But the boys just went ahead and did it, probably causing their PR team to explode.

This led to all kinds of speculation, especially considering the rumors about Joe's sex tape and alleged drug addiction. And I'm sure the few diehard JoBros fans left were very, very sad. But after a while, people stopped caring. Let's be honest, the JoBros had been losing relevance very quickly before the breakup. They even tried an alleged fake pregnancy with Danielle Jonas, but it just wasn't working for them. So maybe they got in a huge fight and decided they hated each other and needed to break up. Or maybe they just realized that their time had come.

But alas, the JoBros couldn't stick to the we-don't-care attitude for too long. They got all nostalgic for their bonafide Disney star days and thought maybe they could still get some attention even though they're not a band anymore. So today, they released four studio tracks that would have been on their album V, and 10 more live tracks. According to Kevin, they did it for the fans.

TJ stands for Team Jonas, in case you're not a 12-year-old girl and didn't know that. Nice try, guys. We know you just wanted people to talk about you again. And I guess it worked.

Here's a sample of what the JoBros have to offer.

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