The Jonas Brothers Are Supposedly In Therapy, No Word On Whether It’s For The Drug Rumors Or The Gay Rumors

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The Jonas Brothers attending US Weekly Most Stylish New Yorkers party September 2013

Okay so I'm hearing rumors that the Jonas Brothers (or whatever we call them now that they're just three regular boys instead of a world famous musical group) is in therapy, but I'm gonna need your help figuring out what for.

Supposedly the guys are “seeing a therapist to mend what their rep called a ‘deep rift within the band’”. The very same rift that caused them to cancel their tour and break up this past October, and to tweet such strange things out from their individual Twitter accounts. But I don't know if that's a thing that therapy traditionally does, is it? Getting bands back together? Isn't it typically for more personal issues?

Insiders are claiming that it came down to clashes between the brothers — namely Joe and Nick Jonas, and that Kevin was being pulled in two directions and couldn't handle the stress.  

“Joe thought he was a bigger star than his brothers, and all he wanted to do was party and be a rock star, while Nick wants a serious music career. Kevin was caught in the middle. They were sick of each other — and angry too.”

Some interesting phrasing there. All Joe wants to do is ‘party', did you notice that? Kind of fits in with the persistent rumors that he's struggling with addiction. And Kevin's ‘caught in the middle'? Of two lives, perhaps?? There have been blind (and not-so-blind) items for years suggesting that he's gay and his family isn't into it. (So they allegedly bought him a baby to make his marriage to Danielle Jonas seem more real!) And poor old Nick is just trying to go about his business and and be in the band he's always been in.

But if the rumors are true, that's a lot going on with one family! So it's probably good that the boys' mother Denise supposedly ‘put her foot down and ordered her sons into therapy'.

“They guys are trying; they’re finally realizing that they are brothers first — and that’s what really matters.”

Yes, that's what matters! That, and getting help for any and all problems you might possibly have.

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