Real Live Jonas Brothers Fans Respond To Offensive Jonas Brothers Article Published On Crushable

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[On Tuesday, Jenni Maier wrote a blog about Joe Jonas attempting to cash in on One Direction’s fame by talking about them during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. Within hours the post amassed 267 tweets and 96 comments. After seeing that many of the comments critiqued Jenni for carelessly dismissing the Jonas Brothers, she invited fans to write a response post. Here’s the first one from Jonas Brothers superfans. You can read the second response right here. ]

In a world where new always attempts to cast a lingering, dark shadow over the old, young people are always considering various ways to stay ahead of the newest trends in electronic gadgets, clothing and music. Especially music.

Non-traditional and easily-influenced young minds flock from band to band as they hear new songs  from ‘sensational’ music groups, I’m of course talking about youthful boy bands and their dedicated female fans. Much like the common grackle, these fans are quick to flock by the millions to what they believe to be “the next big thing.”

As all of this is occurring, one question comes to mind: since when did raw, unparalleled talent come with an expiration date? When has it become socially acceptable to strip all passion and support for an artist? Especially one whom used to plaster our walls, sing us through hardships and make us believe in the meaning of music again. To, in one split-second decision, regard the artist whom you grew up with as a disposable talent.

Many journalists and media representatives today will tell you that our boys Kevin Jonas (24), Joe Jonas (22), and Nick  Jonas(19), are quickly losing their glimmer to other bands like the newly-discovered UK group One Direction, but this is simply not the case.

Let my sisters and I take a moment to share with you a glimpse into the enormous success of the Jonas Brothers, including, but not limited to: the creation of six studio albums (one, “A Little Bit Longer” peaked at the number one spot on the charts for 232 weeks), the fact they frequently sell out at Madison Square Garden in under 10 minutes, the publishing of their own book, a Grammy Nomination, a 3D concert film, two world tours and numerous performances with musical legends such as Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.

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