The Only Possible Reasons The Jonas Brothers Are Breaking Up, In GIFs

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can't break up Jo bros GIF

No, but YOU can…


There's trouble in Jonastown, everybody. The Jonas Brothers haven't officially announced that they're breaking up yet, but all the signs are there. They canceled their tour two days before it was supposed to start, deleted their Twitter with absolutely no explanation whatsoever, and even their representative says that their is a ‘deep rift within the band'. Ish is real, y'all. According to a ‘music industry source':

“They are not getting along at all. It's uglier than you think. They are each looking into solo projects. Nick and the Administration are working on another album. They are moving forward away from the Jonas Brothers. I think this is the beginning of the end.”

The beginning of the end! I know what that means — no more JoBros! EVER. But before we panic, why don't you let me walk you through the only possible reasons this could have happened. In GIFs, because that always soothes my nerves.

joe and kevin high five GIF(Via)

The guys got so excited about congratulating Kevin Jonas on being a dad that they forgot to consider that Danielle Jonas might not really be pregnant. What a buzzkill. Who could play a concert after that?

Nick performing GIF(Via)

Nick Jonas wants to be able to focus full-time on his Renaissance selfies. He thinks there might really be a future there.

Jonas brothers rising GIF(Via)

After years of knowing it was Joe, they could no longer decide who the worst Jonas Brother was.

Jonas brothers hi fiving GIF(Via)

The guys know that if they ever had to go head-to-head in a sales contest with Joe's rumored sex tape with his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler, the sex tape would win every time.

Joe Jonas with lyrics(Via)

With all this time set aside for rehearsal, Joe wasn't getting any alone time with his rumored fiance, drugs.

Jonas Brothers grooving(Via)

Their fan videos just aren't getting the warm reception that they used to.

Kevin Jonas awkward GIF(Via)

Someone finally informed them that their new music kinda sucks. Spoiler alert: it was me.

Jonas Brothers robes GIF(Via)

Nick was way done being the youngest and most mature member of the band.

 Kevin and Nick Jonas GIF


Did you know there are five members of One Direction? Three humble JoBros can never compete with that.

Joe Jonas baseball bat GIF(Via)

These Joe Jonas fans couldn't shame me into early retirement, so Joe needs to take some time off to finish the job himself.

Kevin Jonas performing GIF(Via)

Kevin needs to really take some time to learn about his changing body and what we are and aren't allowed to refer to as ‘facial hair'. Maybe take some hints from Justin Bieber and his supposed ‘mustache'.

Jonas Brothers wedding GIF(Via)

Their true mojo came from their purity rings, and without that, it turns out that they're nothing.

Nick Jonas peace GIF(Via)

Nick wants to try going round two with dating Miley Cyrus.

Jonas Brothers b&w GIF(Via)

Bottom line, they had a good run. Peace out, suckers!