Jonah Hill And Leonardo DiCaprio Reenact Titanic + 4 Other SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh

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Last night Jonah Hill hosted SNL for what was apparently his third time. Admittedly, I’m not a regular viewer of the show, so maybe this is common knowledge to the weekly watcher, but how it is that Jonah Hill has hosted three times and Sandra Bullock has never hosted once? This seems pretty criminal to me, but whatever.

So anyway, Jonah Hill took the stage this week, and honestly, the episode was pretty meh. Which doesn't even mean that Jonah was meh. He did a good job of getting into each of his sketches. Unfortunately, those sketches involved poop jokes and embarrassingly bad horse puppets, which aren't exactly my cup of tea.

I was also disappointed not to see more of Sasheer Zamata, but I know it's a bit unreasonable for me to assume SNL would make her the star of every skit on her second episode. Plus, the show totally made up for any disappoints that followed when Leonardo DiCaprio AKA my very first celebrity crush AKA still my top celebrity crush joined his Wolf of Wall Street co-star onstage during his opening monologue. More on the amazingness that ensured in a minute. Let's start watching some sketches.

1. Cold Open

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this sketch. For the cold opening, the show attempts to make fun of Russian President Vladamir Putin's anti-gay policies by creating the “Heterosexual Men's Figure Skating Championships.” Personally, I find the premise of this sketch (that all male figure skaters are gay) to be a bit offensive, if not incredibly outdated. But as someone who took four years of figure skating classes in college, I can't help but laugh at Jay Pharaoh's attempt to skate around those little orange cones.

2. Opening Monologue

Like I was saying before, Leonardo DiCaprio makes a surprise appearance during Jonah's opening monologue. And then they do the move from Titanic. You know the move. Or, if you don't, watch this video and soak up the amazingness to remember.

3. Benihana

Apparently the obnoxious 6-year-old Adam Grossman is a recurring character for Jonah Hill, so this skit is sort of a must-have for his hosting gigs. Though the sketch felt a bit long to me, Jonah definitely nails the character. He also appears to spend the whole sketch looking at the cue cards, then trying really hard not to look at the cue cards, which is almost more fun to watch than the sketch.

4. Weekend Update – Olya Povlatsky & The Officer Who Arrested Justin Bieber

Aside from the DiCaprio-infused opening monologue, Weekend Update was definitely the highlight of the show. Kate McKinnon as Olya Povlatsky is always amazing, and this week her comments about the Sochi Olympics did not disappoint.

As a bonus video, I also could not stop laughing when Kenan Thompson played the cop who arrested Justin Bieber, calling Bieber's father “what would happen if Ed Hardy released a line of people.”

5. “Me” Trailer

This fake trailer for Me, a parody of Spike Jonze's Her, is pretty spot on. Even if you haven't seen Her but know the premise of the film, you'll still find yourself laughing. Plus, who doesn't enjoy a good Michael Cera cameo playing Jonah’s sexual surrogate?

Honorable mention goes to Jonah's social faux-pas prone guy having dinner at his boss's house. Next week, Melissa McCarthy's hosting, also for the third time. Maybe this is a chance for Melissa's bestie Sandra Bullock to make an appearance?!

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