Jonah Hill Prank Called A Hawaiian Best Buy, But For Totally Legit Professional Reasons

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As part of his campaign to nab the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, Jonah Hill went on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about The Wolf of Wall Street. While I'm not necessarily rooting for Jonah Hill to win the Oscar (my hopes and dream are pinned on Barkhad Abdi), I did love his performance as Donnie Azoff in the movie. It was over the top and out of control and everything I love in a movie character. He appears to be one of those actors who throws himself into roles. “How about instead of just saying I'd masturbate to Margot Robbie, I actually whip my penis out and do it? Whaddya think Martin? Is that good? You know what? I'll just go ahead and try it out MARTIN LOOK, MY PENIS IS OUT!”

He tells Jimmy that part of his preparation for the role of Donnie included learning to talk with his fake teeth in his mouth. And as he explains, he couldn't practice with people who knew and recognized him. They'd just be like, “Are you Jonah Hill? You are, aren't you? Why are you wearing those teeth? What's wrong with you? You look like an idiot.” So naturally he had to practice with people over the phone. And who better for that than the fine people who work at Best Buy in Honolulu!?

Apparently he'd spent hours on the phone with them, pretending to be an extremely technology-confused Donnie Azoff. Which sounds like the opposite of a pleasant experience for Best Buy employees who got to help him prepare for the role. While I'd normally say he owes them all some of his salary, we now know he got paid in peanuts and amazing experiences. Soooo yeah, guess they can all just add “acting coach” to their resumes now and call it another crazy thing that happened at work.

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