Jonah Hill Thinks James Franco’s Mural Is Weird, And You Will Too When You See It

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Jonah Hill Thinks James Franco s Mural Is Weird  And You Will Too When You See It Jonah Hill Conan video jpg

I should start this post with a confession. I’m almost definitely certainly for sure going to see This is the End. If you’d asked me a couple of months ago, I’d have said no, because on paper I’m just not interested. But then I saw that Milky Way argument in the red band trailer, and I just caved. It doesn’t hurt that the movie’s been getting pretty great reviews. It’s done. My decision is made. I’m seeing it. So as with any movie I’ve made the very significant decision to see, I’m listening up when its actors tell stories on talk shows. That includes Oscar nominee Jonah Hill, who went on Conan last night and talked about a very… um… interesting mural his co-star James Franco painted. Because what other word can you use to describe something James Franco painted? Oh, that’s right. Creepy. Scary. Weird. Horrifying. Those are all good words.

Apparently James painted the mural as a promotion for the movie, and let’s just say it’s not exactly an accurate depiction of the actors. They look kind of like a cross between zombies and melting wax figures. And for some reason they all have trouble completely opening their eyes. And they all look miserable. Except Seth Rogen, who has his usual smile, but here it turns from charming to menacing. Basically, it’s absolutely horrifying.

Since Jonah’s depiction is almost definitely the worst, Conan asks him to comment. He has the usual reaction most people who have worked with James Franco have about James Franco. They try to fall somewhere between applauding what a genius he is and also subtly crying for help because he scared them (see: Selena Gomez). He describes his depiction as “a graverobber from the 1400s who’s now a ghost,” but says James is totally a talented artist, you guys! I expected him to hold up a little sign while he talked that said, “Help, James Franco makes me very uncomfortable. Save me.”

The mural talk starts at about 3:40, after Jonah tells some funny stories about movie theaters and Ice Cube. You know, the usual.