Hope You’re Ready For Jon Stewart To Leave The Daily Show, Cause That Just Happened

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John Oliver takes over for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show June 2013Did you take the appropriate time necessary to prepare yourself emotionally and physically for your dream-boyfriend Jon Stewart to leave your dream-castle The Daily Show for the whole entire summer? I hope so, because you certainly had a lot of advance warning, you silly bitch. Whoops! Hey guys, sorry! Didn't realize my inner monologue was so loud, there. That was just me sitting at my desk checking in with myself about the traumatic fact that Jon left the show last night, handing over the reins to John Oliver while he goes off to live with his precious second family somewhere and start a new life with them that will overshadow all the love we shared. I mean…work on his directorial debut, the film Rosewater, based on the true story of the 2009 kidnapping of an American journalist in Iran. So not that second family thing at all. Sorry. I think I'm really overreacting to all this.

Last night's show marked Jon's last hosting stint until Labor Day, when he will theoretically return to reclaim his throne from the usurper John Oliver. But because I'm a pessimistic sort of lass, I'm nervous he'll get hooked on the directing high and stay away forever, abandoning me to a lifetime of British teeth and large doses of quirky humor. At least we definitely know that John is taking his new responsibilities seriously, though, as he sat down with Vulture to discuss some of the things he wants to focus on, namely being less of the Simon Cowell of American peoples' stereotypes, and more of the amiable butler:

“Keeping a straight face is never really a problem. Because usually you’re so uncomfortable with what you’re about to say to them that it kind of negates whatever lighthearted sense there is in the room. I basically spend much of my time interviewing people being a professional asshole. So it’s actually going to be nice to interview guests on the show being slightly less aggressive than I’ve been trained to do over the last seven years.”

It's not that I dislike John, it's just that I've only ever experienced him in small doses before, so I don't know what to expect. But I'll definitely give him the benefit of the doubt,