This Photo Of Jon Hamm Will Make You Fall In Love With Him All Over Again

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Everyone knows Jon Hamm is an incredibly sexy man. He's sexy because he's good looking, of course, but also because he isn't afraid to be, in the words of Sarah Silverman, “this super silly idiot.” Jon Hamm seems like the kind of guy who'd cook you dinner, rock your world, do hilarious gags with his penis until you peed yourself, and then clean up your pee because it was his fault, after all.

This image is only reinforced by a photo comedian Doug Benson tweeted earlier today of Hamm “hamming it up” with a picture of Tony Danza circa Who's The Boss? Jon Hamm is the boss, duh. The boss of my vagina. Of all the vaginas. Most of the penises, too. Hold me closer, Tony Danza!

Who is Doug Benson and what did he do to earn the right to goof off with Our Gentleman Of Visible Dick Outlines? The internet tells me he hosts a popular podcast called “Doug Loves movies,” so maybe Jon Hamm was a guest, and that Jon is a regular guest. The podcasts can be downloaded here, if you're interested.

I hope Jon Hamm does something unappealing soon. Between his chiseled jaw, tremendous SNL performance and tremendous genitals, this is getting a little ridiculous.

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