Which Twilight Cast Member Did Jon Hamm Go To Prom With? Hint: It’s Not Robert Pattinson

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You guys, celebrities are just like us. When they were kids, they hated high school, they went to prom, and they were devastatingly handsome. Well, the first two, anyway. Unless you're Jon Hamm, who I can't imagine was ever anything but dashing. But regardless, during The Hollywood Reporter‘s Emmy Roundtable with all the Best Drama Actor nominees, some fun little factoids emerged about Jon Hamm and his prom date. We already told you that she was in Twilight, but she was also in a series with one of the other nominees present.

In case you'd like to keep guessing, the other men present were Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, Kelsey Grammer of Boss, Damien Lewis of Homeland, Keifer Sutherland of Touch, and Peter Krause of Parenthood. Think you can guess which of those gents used to share the screen with Jon's date? Well you don't have to, because I'm here to tell you that it's Keifer Sutherland, and the show was 24. But who was the actress?

Why it's Sarah Clarke, who plays Bella Swan's mother Renee in the Twilight movies, as well as the spy Nina Meyers on 24! This whole thing came up during a conversation of the twists and turns of TV show plots, with Keifer describing how they turned Sarah's character into a villain. Once her name was brought up, Jon casually threw in, “That was my prom date, by the way.” (The two of them are both originally from St. Louis, Missouri.) Keifer found this to be a hilarious coincidence, even more so because apparently Sarah's really short in real life, and he couldn't imagine them dancing together. But Jon, ever the gentleman, said it “worked out fine”.

The whole roundtable discussion is a little over an hour, but totally worth checking out, if only to see this incredibly talented and intense group of guys relaxed and out-of-character. Plus, who knows what other revelations you'll turn up!

(Image: thehollywoodreporter.com)