More Super Upsetting Reports Emerge About Jon Hamm Cheating On Jennifer Westfeldt With Various Ladies

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More Super Upsetting Reports Emerge About Jon Hamm Cheating On Jennifer Westfeldt With Various Ladies jonhamm 640x1057 jpg

When last we heard murmurings about Jon Hamm cheating on his longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt with various sexy ladies of Hollywood, we were very upset. If a ridiculously nice guy like Jon Hamm is cheating on his partner, we wondered, is there any hope for the rest of us? Do all attractive men cheat, or what? Should we just shave our heads and join a sex cult?

Now, those murmurings have moved from the realm of blind items to named ones, with a story in The Daily alleging that Jon Hamm often gets “handsy” with women who are not his girlfriend. Hamm “first raised eyebrows” when—get this—he went to a baseball game and talked to a woman there, even going so far as to take a picture with her. Everyone knows that when an A-list celebrity takes a picture with a fan, a deep and meaningful connection is formed. That’s how I became best friends with Meryl Streep.

But that’s not all. Later that week, he attended a Bulgari dinner in Rome where he made physical contact with Italian actress Anna Safroncik. Like, he totally has his arm around her in this photo. It’s like he didn’t even care that his picture was being taken!

One particularly damning report said Jon Hamm had been at a bar hanging out with yet another woman. And the other day, twitter user @crashnabula tweeted that he’d met Hamm, Eugene Mirman and Jon Glaser “while mad drunk” at a bar, and that “they just bought drinks for every mediocre girl they approached, and the girls dipped after 10 min of convo.” In a bit of further commentary, he added: “they were chill, but the funniest part was I was yelling so loud hahhaha. shit was trill tho. brooklyns awesome.” Does he, or does he not, seem like a man who reports the facts exactly as they occur?

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that Jon Hamm is the worst boyfriend ever and Jennifer Westfeldt should be very upset with him. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to go break up with my own boyfriend because he’s spoken to at least three women other than me in the past 24 hour period, clear evidence that he is banging all of them.

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