Jon Hamm’s Name Is Misspelled On His Golden Globe, Something Must Be Done About This Immediately

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Jon Hamm s Name Is Misspelled on His Golden Globe  Something Must Be Done About This Immediately Jon Hamm saying fuck you GIF gif(via)

Jon Hamm has two Golden Globes for his performance as Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men. His most recent win was this year, but before that he won during 2008’s show, which you might remember occurred during the writers’ strike. As a result, there was no ceremony, and Jon received his award in the mail. He then had to wait eight years to actually step onto the Golden Globes stage and accept. (Not to mention how long he had wait to finally get an Emmy win last fall.)

You might think that missing out on an acceptance speech was the worst part about that first win, but you would be wrong. Jon reveals in a new interview with Vanity Fair at the Sundance Film Festival that his name was misspelled on the award. No, they didn’t spell his last name without the second M, like the delicious meat product that Jon sells with Michael Buble. Instead, they added an unnecessary H to his first name. Jon says he hasn’t received a replacement plate to put over it, so he takes the opportunity to remind everyone, “Guys, there’s no H,” and adds that even Jonathan would do.

Poor Jo(h)n. Did the writers’ strike include all people capable of spelling things correctly? Does this mean that some random guy named John Hamm has the right to claim that Golden Globe as his own? How does this all work? Can a movie please be made with that premise?

I’m thinking we need to start a Kickstarter to get this fixed for Jon. Let’s all chip in, get a new, correctly spelled plate made, and send it to him all wrapped up with a bow. And then let’s find out who made this egregious mistake and get Liam Neeson to call them in his best Taken voice. No one misspells Jon Hamm’s name and gets away with it. NO ONE.