It’s Time To Talk About The Photo Of Jon Hamm And Daniel Radcliffe Bathing In A Tub Together

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Although this photo of Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe sitting in a tub together reveals nothing, it's a nice reminder that one day they could release a sex tape together detailing their bathroom exploits. Just a 90 minute pornodrama about the time Harry Potter failed out of Hogwarts and got forced to go into the world of muggle advertising. After one too many conference calls with clients, he realizes that he should let his wand do most of the work. And I'm not talking about that wand.

Jon Hamm takes him under his wing, like Christian Grey took Anastasia Steele under his whip and the two learn about a magical world that neither knew existed.  I can picture it now.

But I'll be honest with you. This photo's not from a pornodrama, it's not from any of the 43 Harry Potter movies and it's not from Mad Men. It's from a recurring dream I have that I had Sting set to music. It should be opening up on Broadway in spring 2013 and you can conveniently  pre-order tickets by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope full of unmarked bills to my home address.

No but seriously it's from 4-part series called A Young Doctor's Notebook that may or may not ever air in this country. So take this photo in ladies because I don't know when you'll be getting another one. According to Sky Arts HD, the movie's a dark comedy about the Russian Revolution. I'm already laughing just thinking about the Russian Revolution, which makes me think the movie will be the kind that makes reviewers say “hilarity ensues!”

Also the kind of movie that makes women say horrible things like, “I have a lady boner!” But I guess we'll have to wait until it premieres to really see.

(Photo: Sky Arts)