Jon Hamm Reveals What Commercial Makes Him Cry, And It’ll Make You Want To Hug Him

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Jon Hamm crying

Mad Men is returning this Sunday for one final season of Don Draper being a douchebag. Hooray! On the show, Don's known for pitching emotional and compelling ad campaigns (I defy you to watch “The Wheel” without turning into a sobbing mess), so recently VH1 asked Jon Hamm what commercial makes him tear up. Not only does he respond by saying that many do, which is simply precious, but the example he gives will make you want to give him a through-the-computer hug.

Turns out it's all about the Budweiser ads for Jon. And no, he's not referring to the “Wassuuuuuup?” ads (which I'd managed to go over ten years without thinking about until now — sorry me). He's of course referring to the Super Bowl ads with the animals. There was the one last year where the Clydesdale horse was best buddies with his trainer. And then there was the one this year where the horse is friends with a little cuddly puppy. Interspecies friendships are responsible for approximately 99% of all my sobbing fits, so I can't blame Jon for getting misty-eyed. If we're being completely honest, I didn't leave the house for a week after I saw that puppy commercial. And then my house flooded from all the tears. Okay, that's a lie. It wasn't my whole house, just the kitchen, because that's where I spent most of the time eating my feelings. Sigh.

It's also pretty perfect that Jon will admit to having a cry every once in a while, since his onscreen cryface (on Mad Men and on SNL) has inspired memes. If you ask me, he even has Claire Danes beat. There, I said it. There's nothing you can do about it. Check out Jon's confession below, and then spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how he got so damn charming.

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