Only Jon Hamm Could Pull Off Black Face On The 30 Rock Live Show

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Tonight's 30 Rock live show featured every single well-known celebrity to ever exist. Maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it felt like every new scene brought someone special. From Amy Poehler playing a young Liz Lemon to Sir Paul McCartney  playing himself to Fred Armisen playing Frank to Donald Glover playing Tracy Jordan, the special guests just didn't stop coming.

But without a doubt, the best cameo was Jon Hamm as a white actor playing a black actor in the racist 1950s show Alfie and Abner. Black face is always a risky move to make on TV and it takes a true acting extraordinaire to pull it off. Obviously Jon Hamm made it work beautifully.

And just when that scene ended and I was asking myself if there's anything Jon Hamm can't do, he shows up for the second time on the show as a sexist news broadcaster. He's a modern man of marvels.

Seriously Jon Hamm's the only working actor right now who can pull off racism and sexism within the span of 30 minutes and still be incredibly sexy.