Jon Gosselin Lives So Far ‘Off The Grid’ Now That He Whips Out Guns And Shoots At Paparazzi

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Jon Gosselin THQ Take No Prisoners Party Los Angeles California June 16 2010

Apparently, Jon Gosselin of TLC's notorious Jon & Kate Plus 8, has become something of a recluse.  He claims he works as a waiter in a restaurant, has no money, and lives so deep into the woods that he “doesn't even have an address.”  I get that he's kind of given up on life and is kind of living like a feral cat, and far be it from me to judge his financial situation at the moment.  But all of that doesn't exactly give him leeway with the law, you know?  Namely when it comes to whipping out a gun and firing warning shots at a photographer.

The paparrazo in question reportedly followed Gosselin to his home on yesterday. While trying to get photos of the Nell-like cabin where he apparently now lives, she reportedly trailed him off the main road and onto dirt roads, which she assumed were public property. As she started snapping her camera, the former reality star allegedly pulled a gun from his pants, yelled at her for trespassing and fired a warning shot.

Yeah… not cool, Jon.  I know they're annoying and you probably rue the day you signed on for that first TLC special every single day of your life (Well it's a tie between that day and the day he married Kate Gosselin...I kid, I kid).  You've fallen on hard times, you have eight mouths to feed, and your ex-wife just happens to be the poster child for nightmare ex-wives worldwide.  It's understandable that you might feel a little, uh, crazy at times.  You don't wish to be photographed or made fun anymore. The days of Ed Hardy shirts and young blonde co-eds are long gone, my friend.  You've proved you fail at espionage and holding down real jobs. You probably feel like a ticking time bomb, right?

I get it.  But you can't just go around pretending you're in a Bruce Willis movie, Jon Gosselin.  Because the local Pennsylvania police will hunt you down in the depths of the woods and haul your sad, crazy ass to jail.  This just gives Kate more ammunition against you and therefore more airtime and notoriety.  Please do yourself and the rest of us a service and keep your shit together, if for no other reason than we all hate your ex-wife.  K?  Thanks.

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