17 Times Johnny Depp Out-Weirded Even Himself

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Johnny Depp attending 3 Days to Kill premiere February 2014(Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com)

We all know that Johnny Depp is an odd duck, but sometimes it takes a new movie of his coming out to remind us just how odd. And since his film Transcendence premieres tomorrow, what better time to reminisce about old weird times with our pal Johnny? Answer: no better time.

And I'm not talking about playing strange characters in movies, either. Obviously he has a total lock on that, as he works so closely with Tim Burton that he probably spends more time in pancake makeup than out of it. So nay nay nay. I want to focus on the things he does in his real life that are just the teensiest bit different, peculiar, unusual, or just full-on bizarre.

Right this way.

1. He wears an engagement ring.
Let's ease into this with an example where the only thing Johnny is going against is a gender norm. Even though he dated Vanessa Paradis for fourteen years without ever popping the question, he's engaged to Amber Heard after less than two. And he's the one wearing the ring:

“The fact that I’m wearing a chick’s ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle.”

Oh sweet Johnny. It's so cute you think we know what that means.

2. He loves being engaged.
Did you know that Amber is the fifth person that Johnny has been engaged to? First was Lori Anne Allison, whom he later married, then Jennifer Grey, Sherilyn Fenn, and Winona Ryder. And now-unknown actress Tally Chanel says she almost made her way onto that hallowed list as well, when she was working as a hostess at the Die Hard 2 premiere:

“I helped him out of his limo. Our eyes locked, and he asked me to marry him.”

They went on to date for a year, although they obviously never married.

3. He enjoyed filming in complete seclusion for Transcendence. 

“I guess the worst part is I liked it. I liked being in my little dark room, and they were on the other side. We couldn’t find each other sometimes. It’s all done through videotape and sound.”

Sounds pretty weird to me, but you do you.

4. He equates being photographed as a famous person with being raped.

“You just feel like you're being raped somehow. Raped… It feels like a kind of weird… just weird, man.”

You need to get your vocabulary adjusted.

5. He owns Bela Lugosi's home.
That's the guy who played Count Dracula and a bunch of other monsters, essentially, in multiple horror films.

6. He collects Barbies.

“He owns dozens of limited edition Barbies. He’s also got dolls based on Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, the High School Musical cast, New Kids on the Block, Elvis and even Donny Osmond. The weirdest one is a Lindsay Lohan, complete with ankle monitoring bracelet from when she was under house arrest.”

Well that's certainly odd.

7. He co-owns a Tibetan restaurant in Paris called Man Ray with other celebrities.
For example, Sean Penn. You gotta admit, that's a strange collection of details.

8. He once blamed a trashed hotel room on an armadillo.
When Johnny was arrested in 1994 for destroying his $1,200 a night hotel room, he insisted that an armadillo was responsible. He said he'd found the creature in a closet and it flipped out, wrecking the room before conveniently escaping out the window. Police privately suspect that he was drunk and got in a fight with his then-girlfriend, Kate Moss. 

9. His method of attack is slightly odd.
When a man accidentally picked up Johnny's glass at a pub instead of his own, Johnny had a very strange reaction. According to the victim:

 “He pulled both my ears very hard.”

Okay then.

10. He used to check into hotels under names like ‘Mr. Donkey Penis'…
…because he was tickled by the wake-up calls.

11. He once set his face on fire.
When he was younger, Johnny blew on fire with gasoline in his mouth. His face ignited, to the point that he had to be rescued by a friend.

12. He periodically slices himself with a knife, hoping for scars.

“I remember carving my initials on my arm and I've scarred myself from time to time since then. In a way your body is a journal and the scars are sort of entries in it. I have a funny relationship with my body….Ah, it sounds so stupid, but for me there shouldn't be any halfway.”

13. He got a tattoo removed, but only part of it.
Johnny had a tattoo that said ‘Winona Forever', but when he and Winona Ryder broke up, he turned it into ‘Wino Forever' instead of getting the whole thing lasered off.

14. He's obsessed with Faye Dunaway.

“She's God in a way.”

15. So much so that he facilitated her first bounce on a trampoline.
When he heard Faye had never bounced on a trampoline before, he drove eighty-miles to Tucson to buy one, then brought it back to set so she could try it out.

“We set the trampoline up in the middle of the desert, and we got Faye on it, and in about half a second she turned from this beautiful woman into this sweet, giddy 12-year-old girl on a trampoline. It was one of the most incredible moments I'd ever seen in my life.”

16. He's lived hard.
According to Johnny, he started smoking at age twelve, had sex for the first time at thirteen, and…

“…did every kind of drug there was by fourteen.”


17. He has mysterious tattoos.
The exact number isn't clear, but it's at least thirty including three squares on his finger that he calls ‘permanent phone doodles', the number ‘3' for a reason he won't enumerate, and a matching tat with Marilyn Manson that says ‘NO REASON' on his wrist.

(Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com)