Here’s The Vine You Wanted Of John Travolta Hilariously Mispronouncing ‘Idina Menzel’

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Here s The Vine You Wanted Of John Travolta Hilariously Mispronouncing  Idina Menzel  Idina menzel saying stop in GIF gif(via)

You guys, I am laughing. I have been laughing for like half an hour now, and yet I cannot stop. Why, you ask? Well only because John Travolta just singlehandedly (and unintentionally) provided me with my favorite moment of the Oscars, and I’m nowhere near over it.

He had one job. Really just one at the whole Academy Awards. He wasn’t up for an award, he didn’t have to pick out a fancy dress — all he had to do was introduce Idina Menzel‘s performance of ‘Let It Go’ from Frozenwhich was nominated for (and won!) Best Original Song. It was a simple task, but one that I sadly began to fear he wasn’t up to, as he began to bumble his way through the speech leading up to her performance. Maybe he didn’t have his glasses, or he’d had a few too many slices of that pizza Ellen DeGeneres ordered, but the words his eyes were seeing on the teleprompter simply were not connecting to his brain in an appropriate manner.

There was a fun little pun written into the intro, calling Idina ‘wickedly talented’, a joke coming from the fact that she initiated the role of Elphaba in the Broadway musical WickedAnd oh my god you guys, if it wasn’t obvious that he hadn’t studied his script when he stumbled over the word ‘WICK…edly’, then it could not have been more glaring when he introduced Idina WITH COMPLETELY THE WRONG NAME.

Oh my god. DYING. Cannot handle that at all.

There’s division in our office over whether he called her Adele Lazim or Dazeem or Naseem or something similar, but regardless it certainly wasn’t Menzel. But I don’t mind not knowing, because it means is I get to watch it ten thousand more times to find out, and I have absolutely zero problem with that.


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