John Stamos Is Done Dissing The Olsen Twins

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John Stamos Is Done Dissing the Olsen Twins 200 gif

John Stamos stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to further promote his two new shows, Grandfathered and Fuller House. Things got a little awkward when Jimmy Kimmel asked him about how Fuller House is going.

“We’re doing 13 episodes for Netflix, which is really beautiful, you guys will love it,” he said. When Jimmy asked about the possibility of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appearing on the show, he responded, “No Olsen twins yet, but the invitation is there. I understand they’re doing other things, but we’d love to have them.”

Jimmy then joked that he could just play the twins. “I asked you if I could play the Olsen twins, and you laughed and you said ‘Yeah that would be great,’ and I never heard from anybody,” he said. “It’s a shame, it really is. I would be great as them, I really would. By the way, they’re not such good actors, I could have been pretty good as the Olsen twins.” The audience then let out a loud “ooooh” and Jimmy sniped, “What, you thought those little muppets were good? I mean cute, yeah.”

John’s jaw dropped and Jimmy changed the subject, but the awkwardness oozed through my TV screen. John has already learned not to put his foot in his mouth when it comes to the Olsens, as back in the spring they gave an interview saying they, basically, had no idea about the reunion and had never been contacted. John tweeted “I call bullshit” and then promptly removed it.

The bottom line is, Fuller House probably will start out successfully due to the buzz surrounding it and they will likely have a great marketing scheme to get people to tune in, but whether it will actually be good or not is entirely yet to be seen. Regardless of how anyone feels about the Olsen twins, or their (admittedly woeful) acting abilities, they are still the most lucrative and famous people that came out of that show (sorry Kimmy Gibbler!) and if they appeared on Fuller House, the ratings would undoubtedly skyrocket. John Stamos knows this — he’s very media savvy — so he’s wise to keep things pleasant and light when it comes to the award-winning stars of The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission and acclaimed vocalists of Am The Cute One.

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