John Mayer Is Working On New Music; Get Psyched For A Song About Taylor Swift

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John Mayer recording new material in studio June 2013Do we still call them CDs anymore even though everybody just buys them or steals them online? What do we call them instead? Albums? Musicbits? Files? Well, whatever they are, John Mayer is working on his next one, so I hope you brought a clean pair of underoos because that announcement was VERY EXCITING. John has released a couple videos of himself in the studio, working on new material, and first of all let me say that it sounds pretty intriguing so far. He hasn't put words to anything yet, but the melody he's playing throughout the two minute clip is pretty catchy. It's bouncing around in my head even though I finished watching it a while ago.

And second of all, I'm really hoping that we're done with this maturity kick by now, John Mayer, because I'm crossing my fingers that some tracks about Katy Perry or at the very least Taylor Swift will find their way into the collection. It's all well and good to respect their privacy, but I have blogs to write, man! And even if you decide to be nice to Katy — which I can doubly respect because you two might be back together — you definitely owe Taylor one for that whole ‘Dear John' debacle, right? I mean she really did a doozy on you with some of those lyrics, buddy. “Don't you think I was too young to be messed with?” Yowzers, buddy. How about a few secret details subliminally placed into your new stuff? I'd be much obliged.

Not bad, right? Even if it doesn't contain any explicit references to his ladyfriends…yet. I'm also pleased to see that John's obviously been practicing his sexmusic face. You're out there doing god's work, man. Good on ya.