John Mayer Knows When You’re Taking A Photo Of Him

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John Mayer

John Mayer, who is flirting with coming back to Twitter, has posted this photo on his Tumblr. Do you really think you can fool this guy into thinking you are not actually taking a photo of him? He's on to you and he thinks you are not slick. Our own Robin Sparkles learned that the hard way. (Speaking of, do you have any photos of you with celebrities, even covert ones like this one? Send them to us at tips AT crushable dot com.)

Alternate theory: maybe John photobombed these girls who were innocently taking a photo? It's kind of too off-center for that, don't you think?

But on another note, is John really coming back to Twitter? He's posted three things since yesterday. Come back, John! We've missed your zany Twitter antics!