John Mayer Writes A Love Song About Katy Perry, And You Don’t Need A Therapy Degree To Read Between These Lyrics

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Last night John Mayer released a new song from his upcoming album about his on-again-off-again relationship with Katy Perry. Like everything he sings, “Who You Loveis full of soulful crooning and lovemaking beats. Katy Perry's part in the song hearkens back to the days of yore when duets like “Summer Nights” blasted from everyone's radios. That happened right? I mean I don't have to time to cross check that fact on Wikipedia, but I have to assume there was a point in history people just couldn't get enough duets. Similar to the lyrics of “Summer Nights,” there's a slight discrepancy in “Who You Love” between what the guy's saying and what the girl's saying. But isn't that what makes duets so fun!? The fact that you can see into someone else's relationship without having to get involved personally.

John Mayer:

My girl, she ain't the one that I saw coming
Sometimes I don't know which way to go
And I tried to run before but I'm not running anymore
Cuz I fought against it hard enough to know
That you love who you love who you love

Katy Perry:

My boy, he ain't the one that I saw coming
And some have said his heart's too hard to hold
And he takes a little time but you should see him when he shines. Cuz you never want to let the feeling go.”

Let me paraphrase this for you.

John Mayer:

There's this girl I'm kinda banging. And she's all like “commit to me John” and “have my babies John” and “please don't openly sleep with other women John. And I was all like, bitch please. I'll do what I want. So I changed my locks and changed my number and all was going well. But then she found me. And told me she would castrate me before ever letting me go again. So yeah, we're like officially dating now or some shit.

Katy Perry:

There's this guy that I love so, so, so much. He loves me too. He just doesn't know how much yet. Sometimes when he's sleeping, I crawl in through his window, take photos of him and then snapchat them to him during the day. He's always like, “wwhhhaa, how did you get into my 33rd floor apartment.” And I'm like, “baby, there's no fire escape to high for me to climb to you.” So yeah, we're like days away from getting engaged.

Think I'm exaggerating? Think I'm looking too deeply into it? Think again. This is the guy who originally broke Katy Perry's heart by breaking up with her via email. Do you think he's too good to release a passive-aggressive love song about thier relationship. I think not. But feel free to listen to the whole song here and let me know how you interpret it.