John Mayer Confesses He Left The Spotlight Because He Acted Like A Douche

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For the first time ever I watched a John Mayer interview without wanting to reach into the screen and strangle him. And that's impressive because in this no-strangulation-impulse interview with Ellen DeGeneres he's wearing a fedora and a shoulder-length feathered haircut. He emerges from his two year spotlight hiatus to appear on The Ellen Show and discuss why he stayed away from the spotlight, moved to Montana and stopped  singing.

Unfortunately he doesn't address his appearance. Is it performance art or is this the real John Mayer? It's completely unclear.  While we don't know that answer, we do get a little insight into the John Mayer horrible interview spree of 2010. Remember when he made incredibly weird and offensive comments about having sex with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston to Playboy and Rolling Stone?

It was weird and made everyone feel a little bit squeamish. Well turns out he realized that he sounded absolutely horrible and decided to take a break from the fame. Good for him to step back and realize that he  could still salvage his reputation by laying low  for a while.

Watch the interview below and see if you're still a John Mayer fan.