This New John Legend Video Starring Laverne Cox Will Make You Cry Beautiful Tears

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Laverne Cox in John Legend You and I video July 2014

How's your Friday going? In the mood to spend a few minutes crying over a music video? Of course you are. That's what Fridays are for. And I've got the perfect video for just that occasion, thanks to John Legend. He's got a new music video for his song “You & I (Nobody In The World),” and it seems to have pretty much been designed to make as many tears pour out of your eye sockets as possible, all thanks to its message about beauty.

The video features dozens of women, famous and non-famous. The famous ones include John's own wife Chrissy Teigen, as well as Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox. It's all to bring awareness to the Operation Girl initiative, a fundraising campaign for charities focuses on women and girls. Speaking of women and girls, there's a diverse group of them in this video. And by diverse, I mean in terms of race, age, size, walks of life, sense of style and more. There's a pregnant woman, a woman who's had a mastectomy, a woman going through chemotherapy, a woman getting married. Just lots of beautiful women.

Just, you know, the kind of stuff to make your eyes and nose get all tingly. It helps that the song is really great as well. Because it would kind of suck if we were watching this really  positive video celebrating all kinds of beauty, but the song was a total disaster. So sit back, listen to John serenade you, and have a nice sobfest wherever you are. Maybe add some food into the mix. I always find crying more enjoyable when I have a donut or a bag of potato chips in my hand. If you need any more crying advice, don't hesitate to ask.