John Krasinski’s Prom Picture Proves Even Jim Halpert Has Bad Hair Days

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John Krasinski has a sweet life. He's married to hottie Emily Blunt, he's still raking in money by coasting by on his raised eyebrows and camera muggings on The Office, and he's, uh, very attractive. But take heart, young girls with “I Love Jim Halpert” posters adorning your bedrooms! John wasn't always such a stud!

In fact, this newly uncovered photo from Gawker reveals that John's prom was just as awkward looking as ours! In fact, he seems like the least attractive dude in his friend group, and his date has what looks to be cornrows. So don't feel bad if you're date to the big dance is shorter than you, or has the world's worst flat-top. One day he might be famous for being a mid-level salesman on TV!

(Photo via Gawker)