Remember When We All Thought Jim Halpert From The Office Was The Perfect Guy?

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Remember When We All Thought Jim Halpert From The Office Was The Perfect Guy  Jim Halpert The Office gif

In news that would be relevant in 2009, John Krasinski stars in a photo shoot and interview for California Style: The Golden State’s Lifestyle Magazine. It’s the Seventeen of people in California who have lifestyles. It’s less prom dress features than Seventeen, but still enough that you feel ready for the best night of your life.

Even though John Krasinski looks good, the interview totally depressed me. Naturally, it focused on the final season of The Office, a show that should have ended somewhere around season six. Although John Krasinski clearly disagrees with me. Possibly because it involved his livelihood.

“But I’ve never wanted to leave or run away from it. At no point did I ever say, ‘I’m bored. I need something better than this.’ We all wanted to protect it and be there at the end.”

I can’t pinpoint when I went from actively looking forward to The Office to obligatory watching it because it used to be good to ” I stop DVRing this because I never watch it,” but it was proably around then.

As many people have pointed out over the years, the show used to be funny. Then it got stale and slightly depressing. Not only depressing because I couldn’t believe all these people worked in the same horrible office for all these years, but also because I fell out of love with Jim Halpert.

You see, when the show first started I thought he was the one. Not in a tweenybopper-it-could-actually-happen way, but in a this-is-the-kind-of-guy-I-want-to-marry-way. Now, looking back, it’s ridiculous. Why would I want to marry a paper salesman?!

But at the time he seemed perfect. Funny, cute, attainable because of career choice, into pulling pranks on people, great at slyly winking at the camera. Basically everything I’d ever envisioned in a man.I loved him and I crushed on him and when people would ask me my type, I’d proudly exclaim, “Jim Halpert!” And they’d all nod in agreement! We all loved him!

Then I’d pull up my shirt and show them Jim’s face tattooed on my rib cage and they’d stop nodding and slowly back away. I always take it too far.

However years passed and I no longer found him as attractive. Now, I have no interest in him at all. But this interview reminds me of a happier time in my life.

A time in my life when I thought a paper salesman could be the one.